THC Overdose – Has First Death From Marijuana Been Recorded in the United States?

While a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration fact sheet claims that no one has died from THC overdose, the National Institutes of Health says there is insufficient evidence to link the drug to fatalities. But, the Colorado boy’s case could change public opinion on marijuana legalization. The autopsy results revealed that the 11-month-old boy had myocarditis, […]

The Marijuana Industry is Plotted For Supercharged Growth Thanks to President Trump’s Legalization Decision

With the recent acceptance of marijuana legalization by the Trump administration, the marijuana industry is poised for rapid growth. Legalization has transformed communities and won over skeptical local politicians and cops. The new tax dollars will fund schools, scholarships, and road paving. It will also pay for drug treatment and lift up minority communities that […]

Canada – Recreational Marijuana Gets Green Light

In Canada, you will find a country of ten provinces and three territories that span from Atlantic to Pacific. The ten provinces stretch from the Canadian Rockies to the Arctic Ocean. The total area of Canada is 9.98 million square kilometers, making it the second largest country in the world. Its population of 16.5 million […]

Whoopi Goldberg Launches Medical Marijuana Products Targeted at Menstrual Cramps

Women suffering from painful menstrual cramps may be pleased to hear that comedian and actress Whoopi Goldberg is launching a medical marijuana line. Her first venture into a small business, the line of marijuana-infused products includes Epsom salts with three different scents and sipping chocolates in various sizes. A tincture with THC, derived from marijuana, […]

Congress Protects Medical Marijuana From Jeff Sessions In New Federal Spending Bill

In the new federal spending bill, Congress will decide whether to include an amendment that would prevent Attorney General Jeff Sessions from prosecuting medical marijuana businesses. This amendment, known as the Rohrabacher-Farr click for more Amendment, bars the Department of Justice from spending money on marijuana in states that have legalized marijuana. Congress must vote […]

Impact of Marijuana on Driving

A new study from the University of Iowa looks at how cannabis affects the brain’s ability to drive. Results suggest that individuals who use marijuana before driving have impaired memory encoding and cognitive abilities. Researchers used EEG tests and driving weed seeds simulations to study how marijuana influences brainwaves. They also looked at other markers […]

The Economic Implications of Cannabis Legalization

There has been a lot of talk about the economic implications of cannabis legalization, but how do these implications impact the drug’s future? Here are some key facts to keep in mind. The first of these cannabis news is that the cannabis industry will generate between 240,000 and 321k full-time equivalent jobs in the United […]