THC Overdose – Has First Death From Marijuana Been Recorded in the United States?

While a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration fact sheet claims that no one has died from THC overdose, the National Institutes of Health says there is insufficient evidence to link the drug to fatalities. But, the Colorado boy’s case could change public opinion on marijuana legalization. The autopsy results revealed that the 11-month-old boy had myocarditis, which results in heart failure.

The coroner’s investigation concluded that the woman’s death was likely caused by a THC overdose. According to Montegut, the woman had vaporized THC oil. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. But, the coroner isn’t yet sure if the young woman consumed THC alone.

While the coroner’s report is based on the autopsy results, the coroner’s conclusion has been challenged by some experts. There are over 250 million people worldwide who use marijuana, and the death rate in this case is one per 250 million. It’s important to understand the possible reasons for the sensitivity of the heart and brain to the drug THC.

Although the case was publicized in March, the case report cites several factors that make the report suspect. The doctors who worked at the regional poison control center believe that THC could have damaged the child’s heart muscle. However, other doctors have questioned the report, and the coroner’s findings have been disputed by other physicians. In addition to its sensitivity, this report doesn’t specify whether the THC contained in the cannabis was the cause of the child’s death.

While the cause of this child’s death is unclear, the coroner’s report also lacks key information on the drug’s toxicity. For example, THC does not cause a psychotic reaction, but rather a mild endocannabinoid elicits a state-of-mind state. The findings of this study indicate that THC is not toxic at a higher level than the amount consumed by adults.

The toxicology report shows that the THC level of the woman’s blood is 8.4 nanograms per millilitre. The legal limit for driving under the influence of marijuana in Colorado is five nanograms best marijuana seeds for sale per millilitre. This is considered a high-level exposure. The cause of the death is still unknown. But the report indicates that the drug may have caused an overdose in this woman.

This case is one of the most significant in the United States. The CDC WONDER database records every death certificate filed in the U.S. from 1999 to 2014. The number of cannabis-related deaths in 2014 was 430. Nearly a quarter of these calls involved children under five. While there are no specific statistics on THC overdose, it is still not uncommon for a small child to accidentally consume a high-concentrated dose of marijuana.

While THC overdose is not common, it is still a potentially life-threatening problem. Despite its legal status in the United States, THC is extremely difficult to overdose on. In 2016, three official website studies compared the acute lethal toxicity of several commonly abused drugs. In cannabis, the lethal dose was 15 grams, while the lethal dose for alcohol was about five milligrams.

The recent marijuana overdose in Arizona has been linked to a THC overdose. The THC overdose was 330 milligrams. An average THC dose of marijuana is about 10 mg. In contrast, the man who died was injected with more than 30 times that amount. It is important to note that an overdose of THC can result in a death.