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Many parents of cannabis children or teenagers are often left asking “what is the best pot for a cannabis kid”. This is because cannabis, while generally considered to be a harmless recreational drug has some seriously negative side effects that can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. These side effects can be the cause of many of the problems that we see when youngsters smoke pot and consume it on a regular basis. It is therefore essential to start young with good fundamentals and introduce them gradually to the dangers of cannabis use.

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In most cases a marijuana kid will begin by inhaling the vapors from the marijuana buds as they are smoked. This can cause serious anxiety, nausea and in some cases vomiting. To avoid these side effects the marijuana user should try to inhale the steam from a glass of water or tea rather than the buds. The water or tea should be held in the mouth and not swallowed because it will help reduce the intensity of the high the kid experiences. Once they begin to smoke the cannabis, this high will continue until it has reached about the peak of the body.

Other effects include impaired judgment, reduced sense of reality and a distorted sense of reality. This will persist until the person reaches his early teens and can no longer control his actions. Many will argue that these are just temporary setbacks and that the person will soon grow out of these phases. This is however not true and is simply a misconception used by many parents in order to protect their children. At this point it is always a good idea to step in and suggest that the child stop smoking cannabis and go and do something more useful or fun in order to compensate for the loss of cannabis.

For this to work you need to let your teenager realize that it is not acceptable to smoke marijuana. You may also want to suggest that he try to take up a different hobby or spend more time outdoors instead. If he continues to smoke weed after telling you what you want to do, you should again take this matter into your hands and get help from a paediatrician. This will ensure that your kid doesn’t go back to his old ways and also allow you to get back what you lost in the first place – his cannabis habit.

Don’t let up the pressure until your kid is ready. Many kids become desperate once they start smoking marijuana and you need to remain firm and stick to your threat to send them to rehab. A strong and effective parenting will get through this easily. If you really want to save your kid from smoking marijuana, then you need to be consistent and be determined to make him see that there is no alternative to rehabilitation and staying away from the drug.

The fact is that most of the addicts start using drugs because of psychological issues. They were always made fun of or never accepted by their peers, which is why they started using cannabis as a coping mechanism. It is therefore important to talk to your teenager about the harmful effects of cannabis and convince him that he will only get into trouble if he continues to use it. It is also good idea to take him off the marijuana trail at the initial stage and try to give him some basic education on life and other subjects. A life coach would be a good idea to ensure that your kid develops good decision making skills.