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The fourth annual CAN cannabis expo is taking place in Ottawa, Canada during November. It is scheduled to run for ten days. This is considered as the world’s largest gathering of cannabis growers, suppliers, product manufacturers and retailers. The event has been running since 1971. With Canada and the United States being the two leading countries when it comes to cannabis, this will be one of the most important events of the year for those who have been involved in the industry.

To attend the expo, it is recommended that interested individuals to register with a Canadian cannabis company that is holding the event. This way, they would be able to provide information about their products and services. One can even join the Grower’s Club and become a member of the Growers Committee. This way, they can be informed of new developments in the industry. All dues paid for registration are collected and distributed amongst the companies. Information on all products is provided, along with a literature relating to the uses of the product.

There are several types of booths at the event. One is the Medical cannabis expo. Here, one can get to learn about medical cannabis, its benefits and various applications. On the other hand, there is the Alternative Health Expo where people can learn more about the healing properties of cannabis. They can buy products and services that promote holistic alternatives to conventional medicine.

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On the main stage, one will find booths selling books and literature about cannabis. These include cookbooks, magazines, newspapers and other reading materials. The dealers display decorative jars, thermometers, rolling papers, pipes and other equipment, such as blenders and grinders. The literature section allows visitors to peruse through various health articles regarding marijuana.

Other displays are set up by the expo organizers and are located within the exhibit hall itself. Here, visitors can try out different types of potpourri, which comes in many varieties. This allows them to smell the various smells created by different potpourri. For those who want to try their hands at cooking marijuana, there are mini-cannabis kitchen kits available. This allows them to prepare cannabis-laced meals in an easier manner.

In short, a number of expos are now offering information related to the use of marijuana and its various uses. Visitors are encouraged to not only check out these exhibits but also check out the local shops and stores near the expo venue. The chance to interact with local dealers gives them an opportunity to learn about marijuana and perhaps make some new friends.