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My seedbank is different from all the others and  change in the world began working with cannabis seeds and cannabis breeding in the 1970's and we were formally established as a business in the 1980's making us one of the earliest original seedbanks and one of the oldest remaining ones. Our initial ambition was simply to create superior quality strains, making use of some of the best genetics from places such as Thailand, Afghanistan, Africa and South America and California. Many of the early coffee shops wanted our strains as a more potent alternative to the always variable quality marihuana that was imported have had an interesting journey. We have always tried to make important contributions to the free white widow seeds no purchase world through the strains we offer and through the technology and investment we apply to our work. Many will remember us for our pioneering work introducing feminised seeds in the 1990's. At the time numerous people from within the cannabis community wished us luck but said that it was a crazy idea and could not be done. Today, for many growers, feminised seeds from a top quality strain is the only way to go and some new seed companies have emerged that only sell feminised seeds.