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The 2012 Medical Cannabis Cup was far better than ever this 12 months with Bud using residence one more cup, winning third spot in the Seed Company Sativa Group with the Sweet Skunk. Our all organically grown Sweet Skunk was a huge strike through the expo, which drew 1000’s of hashish weed connoisseurs, healthcare patients and cannabis enthusiasts from all in excess of. An additional huge shout out from ┬áto of Journal, as nicely as to all of the distributors and attendees, for one more extremely properly obtained expo and successful celebration. Sweet Skunk Seeds.

Female Health care Seeds C99 is a extremely special Marijuana pressure. Cinderella ninety nine all commenced from Cannabis seeds discovered in a bag of Jack Herer the three females were all named, one currently being Princess. A male from these seeds was crossed into a Shiva Skunk, then the ensuing seeds were again crossed into the Princess mother cannabis seeds uk feminized, Basically Female Seeds C99 is a unique phenotytpe of Jack Herer. Tremendous frosty and dense the substantial and the taste of an extraordinary sweet landrace sativa, which normally normally takes 50 percent a 12 months to flower.Female Seeds C99 are hugely advisable.

Took very first location in the international competition at the 2013 Uruguay Hashish Cup with entries coming from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and as much absent as Italy. Dozens of the really very best nationwide growers ended up in attendance and 117 of the best marijuana samples have been entered from all around autoflowering weed seeds the globe. The entry travelled from Argentina, where our good friend Manu picked the phenotype from amongst five seeds, before developing 360 grams of the sweetest all-natural lima and gas tasting