a quite specific Marijuana strain

Female Health care Seeds is a quite specific Marijuana strain. Cinderella 99 all began from Marijuana seeds discovered in a bag of Jack Herer the three women have been all named, a single getting Princess. A male from these seeds was crossed into a Shiva Skunk, then the ensuing seeds had been back again crossed into the Princess mom continue read. Super frosty and dense the large and the flavor of an remarkable sweet landrace sativa, which generally takes 50 percent a year to flower. (6  eight months).Feminine Seeds C99 are highly recommended.

The unpollinated female flower of the cannabis plant is made up of the highest concentration of THC (the primary lively component in hashish). The feminine flower is created up of clusters of calyxes, each of which makes a pair of hairs (pistils). The calyxes and pistils are lined with small, THC-prosperous resin glands whose purpose autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds is to shield the flower-cluster and to help pollen adhere to the pistils in order to reproduce. After pollination happens ? when a pollen grain adheres to a pistil lengthy enough transfer its genetic info ? that calyx will cease producing new resin glands and begin forming a seed.

When 2 complete packing  understood just what do with them. Soon after dedicating a number for mothers, immediately started developing these out to reverse and develop the first feminized (S1) Girl seeds offered on the marketplace cannabis strains these days. Superbly beige and tiger-striped, the new S1 seeds increase with little variation from their moms, now creating the legendary pressure accessible for the very first time at any time in Feminized Seed sort. Straight from Cali by way of your friends at Depot.