Impact of Marijuana on Driving

A new study from the University of Iowa looks at how cannabis affects the brain’s ability to drive. Results suggest that individuals who use marijuana before driving have impaired memory encoding and cognitive abilities. Researchers used EEG tests and driving weed seeds simulations to study how marijuana influences brainwaves. They also looked at other markers […]

The Economic Implications of Cannabis Legalization

There has been a lot of talk about the economic implications of cannabis legalization, but how do these implications impact the drug’s future? Here are some key facts to keep in mind. The first of these cannabis news is that the cannabis industry will generate between 240,000 and 321k full-time equivalent jobs in the United […]

How the Mormon Church Unlocked Medical Pot For Deep Red States

If you’ve been wondering how the Mormon church has changed state laws, read on. A former state lawmaker defended the church, saying it opened the door to new treatments. But if you’re still not convinced, consider the broader coalition behind the initiative. It’s not just the church that’s changing law. Some wealthy donors have joined […]

New Rwandan Law Allows Doctors to Prescribe Medical Cannabis

The country’s new law permits doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to patients who meet certain conditions. The Ministry of Health has stated that it will take at least one year before it can create procedures that allow doctors to legally prescribe cannabis to their patients. However, if that timeframe proves to be too ambitious, […]

‘Green Light’ – Two Mavericks Take Extreme Measures to Save Lives

In ‘Green Light,’ filmmakers Ned Donohoe and Nicholas Morely explore the ramifications of taking extreme measures to save lives. Two mavericks risk their freedom and their own safety to help patients with terminal illnesses and other life-threatening illnesses. They don’t do it for the fun of it, but because they are committed to helping others. […]

Federal Data Shows That More Banks Are Welcoming Marijuana Businesses

New data released by the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network shows that more banks are welcoming marijuana businesses. Since 2014, the number of institutions that welcome this sector of the economy has tripled. However, a small fraction of the country’s federally insured banks still does not serve the industry. It is likely that this […]

Legal Marijuana and What You Should Know

If you live in California, you may be wondering about the legalization of marijuana. In some states, marijuana remains illegal. In other states, it is legal and widely available. The most common plant used for recreational purposes is the hemp plant. It contains several chemicals, including THC, which has therapeutic effects. While natural marijuana is […]